Diary, April 16th: Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m going on a week-long work trip, by far the longest I’ve ever left my little family and am feeling a variety of feelings (“feeling a variety of feelings” — how is that for good writing?).

Diary, April 12: Over everything

I want to set fire to my entire closet. I hate every single article of clothing I own. All my shoes. My socks. My underwear. Everything.

Diary, April 3: A Dorothy doppelganger?

At drop-off this morning my friend/neighbor/fellow daycare parent mentioned to me that there was a contestant on Survivor who reminded her of me. “Kelly something or other?” she said. It piqued my interest as, well, I had no idea Survivor was still on and aren’t you ever curious what you look like to the outside…

Unsung hero: Baking from mixes

“It’s from a mix.” This is something women always say when they bring a baked good to some sort of something (pro-tip on motherhood: we’re always bringing baked goods to some kind of something) and it’s not homemade. “It’s from a mix,” women say, in the same, low voice as someone admitting they have an…