Diary May 13: The Casper edition

IMG_1497I bought an $800 mattress the other day.

We didn’t try it out. There was no hopping on things. No salesman. No finagling.

Just me with sore hips logging in to Casper.com and putting a new mattress on my credit card. It then showed up at our doorstep in 2 days.

Our old mattress was awful. Whenever Kit would be nestled between us and one of us would get up, she would roll in the direction to the indent where our body used to be.

Of course, our old mattress isn’t entirely to blame. There is also a giant, adorable baby in bed with us and our weirdo rescue dog and a giant husband. But it was bad enough that I thought: ENOUGH.

Anyway, we tried it out last night and it was great. Not life-changing as people suggested. But great. It still didn’t keep the dog from jumping in and out of it THREE times last night and there was still a little boy who climbed in at 5:45 am but all in all, we’re feeling good about the purchase.

Here is basically how we reviewed it:

Me: Nat, what do you think of the Casper mattress? People want to know.
Nat: What people?
Me: The people who follow me on Facebook.
Nat: Oh, that’s weird.
Me: Let’s not worry too much about how much I Facebook.
Nat: Um, it’s good? What do you think?
Me: Um. Sure. Yeah, I’d say it’s good. Firm. I have no idea, TBH. This is the first mattress I ever bought.
Nat: I think I like it? How much did we spend on it?
Me: $800
Nat: Is that okay?
Me: Sure. Honestly, I have no idea anymore.
Nat: I would say it feels like a thousand dollar mattress? Is this what a thousand dollar mattress feels like?
Me: I have no idea. I’m pretty sure my first mattress was stuffed with horsehair and hay and was some weird antique (Not true! But my mom bought it used it in Durham in 1955 for $20)
Nat: Yeah, it’s good. Tell people it’s good.

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