Diary, June 12: The rat edition

We have a rat. In the garage.

I am freaking out.

The garage is not attached to the house and is old and rickety. We don’t use it for much of anything other than storage of kid toys and lawn stuff. But still, it’s not something you want around.

Earlier this year, I saw evidence of something rodent-like but I thought it was squirrels.

But last week I saw two rats saunter down the driveway and into the garage like they owned the place.

Friends, the reason we MOVED to the suburbs was to get away from rats. WHY ARE THEY IN THE SUBURBS?

I called the exterminator and he put down traps. Nat and I got masks, gloves and bleach. We bought Sam a LEGO set, put the baby down for her nap and got to town and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

I must say, it looks great. And clean. And just this evening, Nat was out there finishing up and saw the rat again. But this time, it was headed over to the neighbor’s.

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