Diary, July 27: That time I spotted a rotten banana on my carpet

I looked down on the floor today and saw this:

Banana on floor
Spot the banana!

That’s a very brown banana, in between Sam’s rocket launcher and Nat’s shoe.

Three things that shouldn’t be on my dining room rug, but somehow are.

It reminded me of the “Find the iPhone on the rug” optical illusion that circulated around the web a few weeks ago.

Find the iPhone is a much more sanitary version of this game.

Except it wasn’t an iPhone. It was a brown (some might say black) banana.

“There’s a pretty rotten banana on the floor,” I shouted to Nat. He walked into the room and looked at the banana.

“That’s weird. What’s it doing there?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. And I really didn’t. I was out of town for four days with the baby, helping out my parents in Delaware. Nat and Sam were living it up, sans Mama.

After discussing a bit, we deduced that (possibly) a frozen banana fell out of the bottom freezer, Scout grabbed it, and deposited it on the dining room floor. She didn’t eat it.

We’re not sure how long is was there. It was warm and no longer frozen. It could have been an hour, a day. Maybe up to a week.

I picked it up and threw it away. It was very … liquified.

And that, my friends, is the story of my very own optical illusion on my very own dining room floor.

I’m a lucky girl.




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