Diary, Sept. 18th: The sadness of Monday

As much as I like working, and as much as I feel supported at work, I still feel a creeping sadness when Monday comes and I have to leave Kit at daycare.

Do you ever feel like that? I find that so much of getting through parenting is the routine of it all. Two days together and the kids and I get into a sweet rhythm. And then that is broken come Monday. And we readjust when the work-week hits and then have to figure out our places again come Saturday. And then when Sunday comes, we find it, only to lose it again on Monday morning.

I do get to work from home on Friday, which is the absolute best perk for a working mom. It’s usually a slow day in general so I can be a little hands-on with her but leave her with a sitter when I have to take calls, focus, etc.

The highlight of my Friday is taking my sweet baby for a walk. I carry her in her Ergo and simply walk around the neighborhood. Although she’s getting a bit too heavy, I live to feel her small, warm body against mine. I kiss her head and tickle her little feet and she leans her sweat head on my chest and it is bliss. Bliss.


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