Diary, Nov. 7: The eve of the election


While I write this, I’m currently chatting with friends on Facebook about what their favorite part of the 2016 election was. Was it when Jeb Bush implored the audience to “please clap?” Was it when we learned that Ben Carson believed aliens built the Great Pyramids? Ken Bone?  Tiffany Trump?

For me, social media was the MVP of Election 2016.

There have been a lot of life changes for me in the past few years: I moved to the suburbs. I changed careers. I gave birth to another baby while being a co-parent to a rapidly-growing little boy.

All of these things have been wonderful and the best thing for my family but I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t felt isolated. (Parenting small children in the suburbs is basically a lovely form of quarantine.)

I miss working in a newsroom in a city. I miss how exciting it is. I miss the exchange of the ideas. I miss learning information before anyone else does. I miss meeting people and gossiping about the industry.

It’s thrilling.

But like most thrilling things, it’s not sustainable. And I feel nothing but immense relief and gratitude that I’ve landed in a new industry and life.

But with Facebook and this election, I’ve been able to recreate the exchange of information from my old life.  There’s been so many good conversations held on that platform with so many different friends from all facets of my life.  It’s made me feel like I’m still been in the thick of it a bit, even if I’ve just been at home in suburban New Jersey, tucking in my babes at night and doing dishes.

It’s been a wonderful lifeline. And I thank all of my friends for commenting and being a part of it.


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