Diary, Nov. 14: A mother’s prayer for sickness


We are flying to Portland soon with the kids.

So, Nat and I currently have our fingers crossed that the kids will get sick IMMEDIATELY. Because we’re overdue. And if they get sick now, they probably won’t get sick when we are there. 

This is the sick logic parents use; it’s very unhealthy. But this is the way it works, isn’t it? We know sickness will hit again and again and again. The only path forward for us is to will it for when it is least inconvenient.

This is why parents with young children never go anywhere, by the way. We pretend like we are brave but a simple virus can unravel an entire trip and hundreds of dollars in ticket fees. And so no. We aren’t brave. We live in constant fear. Sometimes of our children, sometimes of their various viruses. But always together.

Anyway, with any luck, the kids will start vomiting TONIGHT and not the night before our flight (which is so happening, I can’t believe I just wrote that).

Pray for us?

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