I can’t clean: A memoir


I’ve written on this blog before about how I’m not the cleanest person.

And I’m beginning to see it’s because I’m not very good at cleaning.

Today, when Kit was napping, I saw E (my Friday helper) clean the kitchen, vacuum the floors, do all the dishes, and straighten up the playroom.

In that hour, I managed to fold and put away some of the clothing you see above (but not all of it). Clothing that I’ve been trying to put away for at least three days  (maybe more). In fact, I’m looking at a few stragglers that I haven’t put away while I type this.

I noticed this default of mine when we visited family out in Portland over Thanksgiving. I was on dish duty most nights and it seemed to take me forever to get everything tidied up.


Well, maybe not forever. But much longer than the average bear.

I need someone (a cleaning consultant?) to watch me to see where I’m being inefficient in my household tasks. Why it takes me so long. I mean, I pause every now and again to listen to another podcast or check messages on my phone but nothing crazy on my phone.

Is there someone I should be following on-line about this? Is there a self-help community for messy people? Should I be reading books? How do I get on top of this?






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