Sumo Oranges aka: My Citrus Awakening

Kit loves the Sumo orange THIS MUCH. (She may also think it’s a nipple.)

I was driving from a meeting in Pennsylvania back home to New Jersey when I heard an NPR segment on citrus and how it is currently in season.

This made my ears perk up because, well, I guess I thought citrus was a year-round thing. Because it grows where it is warm and thus, it is constantly in season. Right? (I will save you from Googling— no, this is not right.)

They mentioned the Sumo orange and the radio host said some nice things about it.

A few days later, I was at Trader Joe’s and saw a display for them. And now that I’m practically a citrus expert, I picked a few up.

And holy Toledos, my friends. What an orange it is.

It’s hard to explain. It’s like the memory of the best orange you’ve ever eaten. And, you continue to eat oranges because you feel like ONE of them will eventually have to taste like that memory.  But they never do (sad trombone music about my life and tragic fruit-buying).

But this! This is the best orange. I gave one to Nat and he said, “Wow! This tastes like how an orange should taste!” And I was like: “EXACTLY.” And then we made love on the kitchen counter. (JK JK JK JK. But I could tell we both thought about it. It’s THAT GOOD, FRIENDS.)

All other oranges wish they were a Sumo orange. I bet they talk shit about it behind its back but are also highly jealous of it. It’s the cheerleader AND the valedictorian. 

And now we’ve eaten at least 7 in the past week (I went back for more) and all of them have been that good.

Anyway, this is a very weird, long post about a citrus I never thought I would write but I wanted to share in the Vitamin C love. Because this winter has been long and virus-filled and maybe you too need a pick-me-up that doesn’t come in the form of a gallon of wine (that being said, I’m sure the Sumo orange would also be good with wine. It can do no wrong!)


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