Dr. Seuss Week for Parents

It’s Dr. Seuss Week!

For those of you without kids in daycare, this is a fun (?) week that helps your kid celebrate everything Dr. Seuss. (I’m pretty sure this is just a huge marketing campaign from Scholastic who publishes the Dr. Seuss oeuvre but, ugh, who has the time to do a Dr. Seuss expose at the moment?  Not me!).

This means on Monday, in honor of Oh, the Places You’ll Go, my 4-year-old dresses like who he wants to be when he grows up.  On Tuesday, he’s wearing his favorite color “head and toe” in honor of One Fish, Two Fish (and no, I don’t know how this tracks with the book but I know better than to ask questions).  Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday for Hooray for Diffendoofer Day (I have never heard of this book, so slow clap for the Scholastic marketing team!). Thursday is Wear Red White and Black for Dr. Seuss’s actual birthday (makes sense) and on Friday, they are to wear funny socks and pajamas for The Foot Book.  (Parents are especially excited for this day as it means we don’t have to change our children in the morning.)

Anyway! This has inspired me to create a few Dr. Seuss Days parents would wholeheartedly take part in.




(By the way, this post was inspired by some texts with some of my fellow day care moms. Michelle, the very smart writer behind the very funny blog The First Forty, had the idea for the”Too Small Clothes” entry. Giving credit where credit is due!)

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