Clogs! Clogs! Clogs! Clogs! Clogs!

I stole this photo off the Internet. Those are not my pants nor is that my Eames chair. But they are the shoes!

I needed a pick me up and figured these would fit the bill.

My late-30s have found a deep, abiding love for clogs. I usually wear Dansko’s but feel like I need to try a little something funkier, something that doesn’t quite scream WWWWWIIIIIFFFFEEEEE / MMMMMMOOOTTTTHHHHEEEERRRR / IIINNNDDDDENNTTTUURRREEEDDDD SSSSEEERRRRVVVVANNNNTTTT but is still comfortable, because, as a wife / mother / indentured servant, I need to be able to run around on my family’s bidding.

Plus, in the Yuppie mom department, it seems like Hasbeens are kind of like Patagonia for your feet.

It’s funny. I spent my 20s concerned about What To Wear, but as a mom in my late-30s, it’s so much easier. Just get some primo athleisure wear, a Patagonia jacket, and some clogs and you are pretty much in it to win it. Because, honestly, you’re never going to be hot again. So why fight it? (But maybe, just maybe, these clogs are a little on the hot side? The not-dead side we moms need to remember about every now and again?)

I’ll report back on fit / comfortableness. Because mama doesn’t have time for Swedish clogs that pinch.

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