Get this cardboard playhouse thing

The other day was Amazon Prime day aka: The Best Day Ever for Shut In Parents.

I did not buy anything because I do not need a reason to shop on Amazon. Also, I don’t like pressure. Also, it made me feel gross, because we spend so much money at that stupid place and I didn’t want to spend any more money there. (Just kidding, Amazon. I didn’t mean to call you stupid. I LOVE YOU. NEVER LEAVE. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO TO TARGET WITH TWO SMALL CHILDREN.)

But my husband did go shopping on Amazon Prime Day — he spent hours looking on the Amazon app, which was funny, because he never really buys anything.

“THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING ON HERE WE WANT!” He kept yelling, frustrated. Until he found this.

Our new playhouse or our first NYC apartment? I’ll never tell. 

And it is TERRIFIC.

I mean, you guys. The kids have spent HOURS happily playing in this little thing. Hours.

And on Saturday, when Kit took her long nap, Nat invited over some little friends to help paint it.

Plus, unlike most of the plastic stuff we buy and the kids play with once and then discard, never to be thought of again (there has to be a Tiffany Trump analogy here, right?) this is recyclable.

Oh, and it smells like a pizza box.



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