Mom life hack: Shave your face

Did you know if you’re a woman you can shave your face?

I did not know this.

Until a friend posted on our local moms’ FB group, asking where she should go to get her ‘stache waxed. 

So many moms chimed in to say: “You don’t have to wax. Just shave it.”

Apparently, time-starved moms across the land are simply shaving their faces in the shower when (and if) they have a few minutes to tackle their legs.

If you think about it, it’s the best life hack ever. Just a quick swipe in the shower once a week, and boom: A clean, hairless face.

Seconds of your day, Mom friends. SECONDS.

This, instead of leaving the kids, going to a salon, getting an appointment, etc. WHO HAS THE TIME???



Why have I waxed for so long? Because I read an article in 1999 in Glamour saying that you can’t shave your face, because it will grow in dark and stubbly. And so you must wax. 

And so I did. For close to two decades. 

But no! It turns out this is not the case. Your ‘stache hair will grow in as it always does. And when it does, just quickly run a razor over it (you don’t even need to use shaving cream).

Men have to shave their faces every day because they have beards. We do not have beards. We just have a little bit of thin, unfortunate hair above our lips, which, in a certain light, can look like this: 


But it really doesn’t. I promise.

Sooooooooo, it’s time for a revolution ladies!

It’s starting — check out this article. Apparently, you can buy something called a “Tinkle” (which is the worst name ever), or you can just use your razor in the shower, because a razor is a razor, you know? A Tinkle is basically trying to make the indignity of shaving your face more digestible. (However, the one upside I can see to ordering a Tinkle is that it also promises to exfoliate your face and take off the peach fuzz…which is tempting but not tempting enough to add more clutter to my bathroom closet.)

In closing, it should be known that although I’m joining this revolution, I will continue to get my eyebrows threaded because I’m a firm believer that a good pair of eyebrows are the gateway to your face. 

We must pick our facial hair battles, ladies. This is a good first start.

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