Parenting Pick: Olive Kids Nap Mat, $40


I’m going on what: My fourth year navigating daycare? Who knows any more. It’s all a blur of unidentified viruses and harried mornings of trying to find the correct lid to various sippie cups.

Anyway, it’s been years of packing up a clean sheet, blanket and pillow every Monday for nap time. (Did you know, in daycare, they put mattresses on the floor and the kids fall asleep on them? It’s some kind of sorcery.)

And I just now discovered this sleeping bag thingy.

Kit loves it. Her daycare workers say she gets right in and falls completely asleep for hours. I don’t have to keep track of a sheet or a blanket. Just this. It’s $40 which I found fair but, really, what is money anymore?


There’s a mini-pillow in the bag that you can take out when you throw it in the wash each week and / or leave it in the trunk of your car over the weekend and then pretend like it’s been washed come Monday.

It rolls up and she can even carry it in because it has a handy handle (witness the handy handle to the right). I love it.

Maybe you will to?


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