Parenting Pick: Electrolux Ergorapido

Do you ever wonder how many times a day you bend over and pick something up off the floor? I do. It must be a hundred, don’t you think? A hundred on weekends, maybe 25 or so on the weekdays when my kids are at school / daycare and we are out of the house.

While we were cleaning yet again today, Nat looked at me and said with slight panic in his eyes, “We have to stay out in front of them, Dorothy. We have to.” (By “them” he means our children, who were creating messes while we were cleaning.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible and there is not really much to do be done. But this? This vacuum helps. 

I’ve always wanted one of those super fancy Dyson Shark vacuums but could never pull the trigger due to the price point. But then my mother-in-law tipped me off to the Electrolux Ergorapido (don’t ask me to pronounce it; I’m not even sure I’m spelling it correctly?). It’s $60 less and works wonders. It picks up a ton of crap both on hardwood and carpet. And there is a little hand unit that detaches with a quick click I use to clean up rice from the stove top when I’m feeling extra adventurous.

This doesn’t replace my heavy-duty vacuum but I use it almost every day and it picks up an ungodly amount of hair, crumbs, lego pieces, cheerios, rolled up stickers, dried up rice, peas, dog kibble, hair (did I mention hair already? How my dog and me aren’t bald, I have no idea). It’s super light, easily-maneuverable, and some might even say it’s fun to use? (This is how low my idea of fun is these days but it’s much more fun than the broom, which I hate with a passion of a thousand suns.)

By the way, the reason I’m writing this is I see from my analytics that most people read a Parenting Pick (the things I buy and like) and not essays. That’s weird! But I get it. It’s hard to know what to buy and get. Who trusts reviews? (I don’t.) But I do trust what friends recommend, so maybe that’s why?

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  1. Miriam says:

    Hi Dorothy! I just wanted to let you know I follow everything that you write avidly, and I love your essays, they really make my day. Also, I just asked my husband if we could get a cordless vacuum and he says they run out of battery in 5 min, thoughts?


    1. Dorothy Robinson says:

      Hey! Thanks for the nice words! Per the vacuum, I get the entire downstairs in one charge. And then to charge it, it only takes about 20 minutes to full. You can see see battery length here:


    2. Dorothy Robinson says:

      I lied. It’s 4 hours to fully charged.


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