Parenting Pick: Wall Outlet Organizer

For the past 3 years, our electronic toothbrushes and chargers have been littered on our bathroom sink. When I am feeling ambitious and try to clear off the sink, I put them in the closet. I will then invariably get multiple yells of, “WHERE IS MY TOOTHBRUSH?” And I will yell back, “IN THE CLOSET.” And they will yell back, “WHY IS IT IN THE CLOSET?” And I will yell back, “Because it’s gross to be on the sink so much!” And they will yell, “YOU’RE BEING CRAZY. WE USE THEM TWICE A DAY!”

Everyone is right in this argument, but I am the rightest.

For years, I thought about putting up a little shelf on the wall to hold them but I’m not the greatest at hanging shelves and plus, I needed something with a little hole in it so the cords of the toothbrush could be plugged in and I didn’t think God would have created such an invention.

But then I thought, “Dorothy. You are not the only one with this toothbrush-on-the-sink problem. I bet someone has figured it out.”

And by “someone,” I am pretty sure I meant “A random Chinese manufacturer of cheap plastic goods.”

And they have! It’s this thingy!


All you do is take the outlet cover off and stick this on it and then screw the outlet cover back on. And voila — you have an electronic tooth brush holder that is not on the sink.

It took me 2 weeks before I tried to install it because the instructions said to turn off the electricity and we have a new, unmarked electrical box and I didn’t feel like taking 30 minutes of flipping each breaker to figure out which one was the bathroom (kicking that can wayyyy down the road). But then someone (Nat, who has no interest in me dying) said I didn’t need to turn off the electricity to take off the outlet plate. Learning something new every day!

I did it in 2 minutes.

Sure, the screwdriver will remain in the bathroom for the next 6 weeks (months?) before I remember to put it back (and / or buy a new screwdriver because I couldn’t find the one I left in the bathroom) but so far, so good. Toothbrushes off the cabinet! No cords everywhere! No toothbrushes getting lost in the closet!

Best part? It’s $10 bucks and available via Amazon prime. If you’re feeling crazy, you can order another one to keep in the kitchen so you can keep your cell phone off the kitchen counter. Or your Echo Dot. 



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