Parenting: It Gets Better

maxresdefaultDo you remember the “It Gets Better Project”?

It’s aimed at LGBT youth and conveyed the message that although life was really hard right now for them, at a certain point, it would, well, get better.

I think they should do the same for parents of young children. Specifically two-or-more young children.

Look: I’m definitely not equating the two movements — one that’s aimed at teens at high risk for suicide — and this fake one, which I just made up in my head and is aimed at exhausted parents. But the message is the same. That although it’s really, really hard and tiring and you see no way out, eventually the tide will turn; life becomes better.

Anyway, I would watch this YouTube channel — where parents who are over the hump — reassure parents of young children that it will get easier.

This happens around 18 months, when they start to really watch television. And can play with their siblings. And communicate their needs a bit more. And wear only one outfit a day. And don’t poop all over themselves (they still poop on themselves, but not as much). When they face forward in their car seat instead of screaming for hours. Sleep is more regular (for some). You can leave the house with just a diaper and some wipes and not 13 different items. You can hold a conversation with someone for more than 2 minutes without worrying about your child falling down the stars or eating poison or getting stuck in a chimney. The illnesses aren’t  as constant and all-consuming. You can hand them a squeez-e pouch and they will eat it without you hovering over them and spoon feeding every bite. There are less demands and more fun.

There is freedom.

Our friends, who have children the same age as ours, came over the other night. We were able to eat a meal at the table while the kids watched a movie and ate popcorn. The dad would constantly look over in amazement at the entertained kids, “It’s getting so much easier, isn’t it?” He said this numerous times, as though we couldn’t get over our luck.

It gets better. It really does.

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