Diary, April 3: A Dorothy doppelganger?

At drop-off this morning my friend/neighbor/fellow daycare parent mentioned to me that there was a contestant on Survivor who reminded her of me.

“Kelly something or other?” she said.

It piqued my interest as, well, I had no idea Survivor was still on and aren’t you ever curious what you look like to the outside world?

So, tonight, I did some Googling and this popped up.

I mean, I’m self-aware enough to see (kind of) the resemblance but this woman is goofy. And much too smiley. Also, she wears lots of color. I guess I always figured I gave off more of a Janeane Garofalo vibe than anything?

Maybe because when I go into day care, the interactions in the hallways, by the car, in the classroom, etc.,  are always slightly intense (and fast-moving / hectic because THERE ARE LITTLE CHILDREN EVERYWHERE) so I overcompensate my cheerfulness because I don’t want anyone to think I’m a bitch. So maybe I’m like this? A little bit?

I’ve always thought it would be interesting to have a twin, if only to witness to what you look like as you walk through life. To see what clothes look best on you. What your hair looks like. How you talk. How you laugh.

Basically, I want a twin so I can critique that person and then make myself better as a result of those observations (not for any kind of sisterly companionship or anything lovely like that).

Anyway, speaking of HOW YOU LOOK TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD, I’ve been perusing spring outfits and it seems so exhausting to figure out what to wear. I’ve been thinking about trying out Le Tote, a clothes rental service. Apparently, for a flat fee, they send you clothes and you wear them and then you send them back. And then they send you a new box. I just don’t have time to shop (and returns are a pain) but I also want to look professional and put-together at work. So, why not? And if I like the clothing, I can purchase it. Seems like a win? I will try and report back! Or course, I wouldn’t have to do this if I had a twin and could borrow clothing from her but OH WELL.


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