Diary, May 6th: Things I forgot about


  1. That we could go bike riding. Actually, I have always kind of forgotten about this. Because Sam never really rode a bike. He’s always been the tallest kid in the room and by the time he was mentally ready to ride a bike, he was too big for the bike for his age group (for instance, by the time he could handle a tricycle, his knees would hit the handlebars). And, maybe, just maybe, we got tired of carrying his bike back from the playground every single time we attempted it. But a friend invited him today on a much better path and WE DID IT. With training wheels and with several pit stops for candy (and me carrying a 30-pound toddler for a mile) but WE DID IT. Never underestimate the power of a buddy and candy.
  2. Get books from the library. I am not sure why I forgot this but I did. It was so long since we last went that I was shamed by the librarian. I went to check out some books and in a louder voice than necessary, he said, “Oh. Oh. We have a problem.” And I got nervous, as though my past books went on to murder someone or something. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Well, you have a BALANCE from OVERDUE books!” Friends, the way he was acting, it was as though I owed thousands. “How much is it?” “SEVEN DOLLARS AND THIRTY-FIVE CENTS,” he practically screamed. Which, you know, I could cover. (And what’s with the shaming? Don’t they want my money?)
  3. My legs. I have forgotten my legs which are currently without tights. There is one strip of black hair that is constantly there that I miss from shaving and when I actually see it I think, “I need to get that next time.” And then I never, ever do.
  4. This blog. It’s been embarrassingly long since I last wrote which is NOT a “best practice” as we say in the corporate world. But I’ve been terribly unmotivated recently. I haven’t been able to pinpoint why, exactly, but then Nat reminded me that I’m always like this this time of year because allergies (dun, dun, dunnnn). It’s bad, friends. Real bad. I hope the pollen dispenses quickly so I can get my energy back to do all the exciting things in my life, like bike riding, library-going and leg shaving. Fingers crossed.

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