Diary, May 13: Mother’s Day

Here are the things I did for Mother’s Day

  1. Slept in until the glorious hour of 7:15 a.m.
  2. Ate delicious waffles made by my glorious children.
  3. Got a weird relaxing outdoor chair as a MD gift from Nat so I can work outside when I WFH and tan my pale legs.
  4. Put more winter clothes into bins to be put in the attic (this chore has been going on for three weeks now).
  5. Took a magic eraser to marks on the wall (magic!).
  6. Admired my face skin after one use of Riley’s Good Genes (everyone in the skincare game talks about this stuff and THEY ARE RIGHT).
  7. Gardened.
  8. Went over to a good friend’s house where my son got to play LEGOs with his friends and the parents showered love and attention on Kit.
  9. Walked around the block with Sam on his training wheels and two neighborhood kids who LOVE Scout and want to walk her. So they did.
  10. Ate a delicious meal made by my glorious husband.
  11. Cleaned up lots of LEGOS.
  12. Did a load of laundry.
  13. Laughed when my dog woke herself up by farting just now.
  14. Watched an episode of Broad City.
  15. Will maybe have my husband put the bins of clothing in the attic. Or maybe not. He’s done enough to make this a great Mother’s Day. Then again, this is how our Sundays usually go (without outdoor chair gifting). Maybe the best way to have a good Mother’s Day is to not have too many expectations about it?


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