Parenting pick: Virtual doctor appointments (try it!)


Note to readers: I wrote this on Saturday and since then I’ve been terribly shameless about this THING on my leg (“More shameless than writing a blog post about it?” you ask. To which I answer, “OH YES.”) I shared it on my local Moms FB group because, well, Moms are really good at identifying rashes. And their advice is free. And my friend Bailey said it looked like the bug bite was a red herring when what probably happened was I scratched my bite with some sort of poison oak or ivy on my hands. Another friend chimed in that I’m probably now in some sort of systemic reaction¬†as my symptoms are similar to hers when she had some kind of histamine reaction. And another friend was like, “Yo, Dorothy, get some steroids on that jam STAT.” So, after the appointment I reference in this now outdated blog post, I did another virtual appointment where the doctor was like “take Benadryl” and I was like, “I need the big guns lady.” But was too bashful to ask for steroids. THEN, I showed Sam’s pediatrician (SHAMELESS) at his 6-year well visit and she was like, “You should go to Urgent Care.” But I didn’t and instead went to work where I showed my coworkers (SHAMELESS) and they screamed a little bit and then insisted I go to Urgent Care. So I did and the doctor was like, “It’s probably poison IVY or Oak. Here are some steroids. I’m going to swab it for MRSA. It’s not scabies, is it?” So now I’m on steroids and I guess I’ll keep my leg. And how would I know if it’s scabies? (I don’t think it’s scabies.)

I have an infected bug bite on my leg.

I’m mad at myself for scratching it (I really could not help myself).¬† I’m mad I’m walking around with a bandaid on my leg in shorts / skirts season. I’m mad it will probably scar. I’m not mad for showing how gnarly it is to whomever asks (big ups to my friend Shauna who constantly asks me to remove my bandaid to look at it. You’re a true friend).

(Note to ladies of a certain age: You don’t bounce back from bug bites like you used to.)

So, I’ve spent the past few nights Googling “infected bug bites” and “staph infection bug bites” and, well, my Super Scientific Recon (and Nat’s face whenever I show him the oozing, red wound) leads me to believe it’s definitely infected.


Like, infected that Neosporin will help it? Or so infected I’ll lose my leg from MRSA?

But I didn’t want to go to a walk-in clinic because I’m lazy. And it’s Saturday night. And I didn’t want to put on a bra.


Then I remembered a friend talking about TeleDoc, where you talk to a doctor virtually. So, I did some recon with my insurance and it turned out my insurance has a version. So I just logged in (while watching I, Tonya, now on Hulu!) and was connected to a doctor within 30 minutes or so.

Nat: “Look at you, being so cutting edge!”

Me: “I know! I’m practically 35!”

Anyway, I sent the doc some photos, was slightly freaked out by looking at myself on a video chat, had a nice conversation nonetheless, and he thinks it a strep infection on my leg (cool) and thought the bite was on my arm and not my leg based on the photos (which made me love him). So he prescribed me some antibiotics and sent the prescription directly to the pharmacy, which I can pick up tomorrow.

We decided I’d wait a bit to see how my leg progresses tomorrow if I take them or not (I don’t really want to take antibiotics for a week...gut flora and all) so I’ll keep you posted. He also laughed when I asked if I would lose my leg to MRSA. Which, I take. is a good sign.

Friends, I cannot believe this is the first time I’ve used this service and not, say, the 30 times my children have had pink eye. Instead, I had to take them to the pediatrician and expose them to the gross waiting room germs to get a prescription. And then take them back a week later to see the doctor for whatever illness they picked up in said gross waiting room. It’s such a smart thing to have in your parenting arsenal. Use it!

Anyway, in closing, here is the picture of my leg and infected bug bite (scroll down) if you want to see it (and I know you do). The first is from yesterday, the others are from last week when I originally wrote this.


As you can see, not getting better…

In case you aren’t gagging on the picture of this rash on my still (for now) attached leg, I love these shoes which I get asked about ALL THE TIME. They are Dansko Missy.
staph infection bug bite
The bug bite 3 days ago (right) and now (left). Gnarly, right?

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