Diary, Sept. 18: A little (a lot) overwhelmed

Hello friends.

I’m sorry i haven’t written in a bit. Things have been … extra… as the kids say.

Work reorg (huge). New school year. Family obligations. Weekend travel. Swim lessons. Many, many days off for the kiddos due to Jewish holidays (not blaming you, my Jewish friends, but could you move the major holidays to the summer?). There are piles and piles of things I must sort through in my house. My high school babysitter no longer wants to be our babysitter and I’m worried it’s because of the piles because it does kind of look like I’m a crazy person? I’m potty training a 2-year-old.  My fingernails looks like I just clawed my way out of a grave and my eyebrows are as though two fuzzy caterpillar are taking a long nap above my eyeballs.

Also, I don’t want to go into specifics but I’m feeling the whole “sandwich generation” thing.

I’m so overwhelmed with THINGS I MUST DO, that I basically shut down and started this insane 1,000 piece puzzle which sucked up time I did not have to give it. Because, why not?


I also bought a super cool leather jacket. Which helped.

A while ago, I mentioned to my boss I was feeling overwhelmed (this was a another time in my life I was feeling overwhelmed; or maybe I’m constantly in a state of overwhelmingness?) and she gave me a great piece of advice. She said, “In the great words of Dory, just keep swimming.”

Friends, I don’t do inspirational memes on Instagram, let alone cartoon quotes. But it’s all we can really do, right? Keep swimming.





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