Diary, April 27: Hey! Where did I go?

Where did I go?

I was really on a roll there, wasn’t I? Writing, working, momming, sending out a newsletter — I was really LEANING IN, as they say.  (Actually, do they say that anymore or do we all hate Sheryl Sandberg now? I am out of the outrage loop!)

In fact, I’m am out on so many loops. It feels like the loop is in Kansas and I’m sitting here in New Jersey like this.

So, what happened? Well, I got a new job within my company. I’m writing for the CEO now, which isn’t small potatoes. It’s a different form of writing that I’m used to and it’s been a lot to learn a totally different job and a new way of writing. I now have a 39-year-old brain, which means that I do have the knowledge to bring to the table, but it’s also taking me a lot longer to figure out how to make the food. (Looks like I still haven’t forgotten how to make terrible analogies! #smallblessings)

It’s not like I can’t do this new role, but I have to train my brain to write in a certain way.

It’s funny — you would think if you write in one way, you can write in another. But that is not true!  And when you spend your days doing something you aren’t strong in, it’s much more exhausting (explains parenting, amiright?).

I guess I’ve been nervous that if I write here, I will undo this new way of writing with my old way of writing and then I’ll never get ahead, lose my job, and my children will be forced to become those kids who unbox toys on YouTube for money.

So I ghosted my own blog and the tens of you who read this. Sorry about that.

On top of the new role, there was also Christmas and Kit’s birthday and travel and then the cold, dark winter where everyone alternates being sick and snow days and I haven’t been able to fit everything in (kind of like my underwear drawer).

If there is a word for this time of a woman’s life, I think it would be “unrelenting.”

Nat and I were talking about a mom we kind of know who does a lot. And Nat said, “Oh, she’s one of those people who have 48 hours in a day.” I am not one of those people. I am a person who has about 11 good hours in a day. (Should that be my new slogan? “Dorothy Robinson. Has 11 hours in a day.”?) And out of those hours,  I need to reserve 2 to 3 good hours (okay, 2) for my kids so they know I exist. 

But, I think with spring comes new beginnings.  I feel like I finally have my footing at work — my tasks there are now a bit route which frees up my brain for Hilarious Mom Content (™).

Here’s to a new start.

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