Diary, August 1: Vacation time?

I’m writing this to you 3,000 feet in the air while watching The Greatest Showman (Nat: This would be much better if Hugh Jackman suddenly turned into Wolverine mid-routine).

On being tired ALL the time

When I was young and heard news reports of elderly people dying because of the heat in the summer, I would think, “How in the world does THAT happen?” Now I know.


I realized I’m pretty much constantly “on edge” around my kids every single time we’re in public together without Nat.

Are moms really superheroes? Or nah?

Sam and I were driving in the car today when I asked him what kind of superhero power he would love the most. “I think I’d want to fly,” he said. He then asked what mine would be. Without hesitation, I said: “I want to simply think of the food items we need and have…

Diary, June 15th: Tennis lessons

It feels like such a luxury to be doing something outside at night together. (And really, between paying for lessons and babysitters and timing, it is a luxury.) But it’s so fun and freeing and good to be doing this. 

I will do anything for my kids … except chaperone

Meatloaf once sang “I will do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” For me, “that” in regards to my children, means, “go on a field trip as a chaperone.” Since he could talk, Sam has been after me about being a chaperone on a field trip. Tomorrow, he has a field trip where…

When did straws become the enemy?

When did straws become so bad? I was just living my life, working, raising my family, paying $20 to have someone walk my dog around the block, forgetting to write thank you notes, and then I hear on the radio New York City is proposing a ban on plastic straws. (WNYC is really going to…