Diary, Nov. 25th: (Waffle) Church

Ah, church. We finally went today. I’ve been trying to go — really, I have — but to leave the house on the weekend with two little kids to make them do something we frankly really don’t want to do seemed like an impossible task. It’s hard enough to get out of the house to…

Diary, Sept. 18: A little (a lot) overwhelmed

Hello friends. I’m sorry i haven’t written in a bit. Things have been … extra… as the kids say. Work reorg (huge). New school year. Family obligations. Weekend travel. Swim lessons. Many, many days off for the kiddos due to Jewish holidays (not blaming you, my Jewish friends, but could you move the major holidays…

Diary, August 26th: Goodbye summer

We’ve reached the wild point of summer; things always seem slightly feral at this point of the year. Even the children are weedy. Their hair (although we just cut it) is long and wild; I feel like I’m cutting their fingernails every other day. Their summer clothes I bought 4 months ago are tight and…

Diary, August 1: Vacation time?

I’m writing this to you 3,000 feet in the air while watching The Greatest Showman (Nat: This would be much better if Hugh Jackman suddenly turned into Wolverine mid-routine).


I realized I’m pretty much constantly “on edge” around my kids every single time we’re in public together without Nat.

Diary, June 15th: Tennis lessons

It feels like such a luxury to be doing something outside at night together. (And really, between paying for lessons and babysitters and timing, it is a luxury.) But it’s so fun and freeing and good to be doing this. 

Diary, May 6th: Things I forgot about

That we could go bike riding. Actually, I have always kind of forgotten about this. Because Sam never really rode a bike. He’s always been the tallest kid in the room and by the time he was mentally ready to ride a bike, he was too big for the bike for his age group (for…

Diary, April 16th: Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m going on a week-long work trip, by far the longest I’ve ever left my little family and am feeling a variety of feelings (“feeling a variety of feelings” — how is that for good writing?).